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Log cabins were probably primitive man's first step into permanent homes in places that they liked, a big step up from a cave or a makeshift tent. That may explain our deep attachment to them, and why they make such an ideal holiday rental.

Not that there is anything primitive about the log cabins featured on this site! Many of them put the typical house to shame, with fabulous features like pools and hot tubs. Planning regulations often make it easier to get permission for log cabins than houses, which means they often have great locations and views too. And of course there is the wood. As green a renewable resource as can be, and with a warmth that lifts the spirit at first sight.

This web site is all about helping you to find a great log cabin holiday. Whichever part of the country you want to visit, click the map markers and see what's available. You book direct with the owners or agents, but do please tell us about your experiences by emailling us at feedback@logcabinsmap.com. And tell us too if you know of a great cabin that we haven't found. The map gets better the more choices available.

Top 30 Counties with Log Cabins